Low- and 0% Interest Loans to Buy Energy Saving Appliances and Fix-Up Your House

No matter what your income and as long as your improvements will create a more energy efficient home, you can save a lot on interest rates and finance charges by using a subsidized energy conservation loan program. These programs are typically available from your state department of energy, a local government office or your utility company. State and local government offices can be found by contacting your state or city operators or www.govengine.com. Your local phone directory and library can help you locate your local utility companies. Be sure to check them all. Here is a sample of the kinds of programs available.

  1. $35,000 Low Interest Loan For Fireplaces, Freezers, Cloth Washers, Etc.
    Dollar and Energy Saving Loans, Nebraska Energy Office
    Lincoln, NE
  2. $50,000 Low Interest Loan For New Energy Saving Appliances
    Energy Loan Fund, Ohio Department Of Development
    Columbus, OH
  3. $20,000 Low Interest Loan To Make Energy Saving Improvements
    NY Energy Smart Loan Program, NY Energy Research & Development Authority
    Albany, NY
  4. 0% Interest Loans For Energy Efficiency Improvements
    Residential Weatherization Program, Tacoma Power
    Tacoma, WA
  5. $3,000 For New Storm Doors Or Windows
    5% Weatherization Loans, Tideland EMC
    Pantego, NC


Income Eligibility: Varies by program and state; check with your local office to find out
the specific eligibility requirements for your area.


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