$50,000 to Study French Cooking, James Joyce, or Anything

Over $30 billion a year is given out in scholarship money and most of it cannot discriminate against the applicant (you) because of age. It’s against the law. Also remember that you do not have to be low-income to receive a scholarship or grant to attend college. The data shows that people making over $100,000 a year get more government money for college than people making less than $100,000 a year. Here is where to start your research to find them all:

Federal Government Grants, Loans and Scholarships
They are described in a book called the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office http://bookstore.gpo.gov. You can also search the contents of this book for free on the web at www.cfda.gov.

State Government Grants, Loans and Scholarships
There are close to 400 programs worth almost $3 billion dollars in financial aid available through all 50 states. Did you know that there are state money programs which:
Pay for a singing degree?
Give you money to study wildlife?
Give you $2,000 to go to vocational school?
Pay for your nursing, teaching or law degree?
Give you $7,000 to study marine sciences?
Every state has grants and other money available for higher education. Look for the state office of higher education. You can find them by dialing 411 and asking for your state capital operator or by going to the web at www.govengine.com and clicking on your state.

Find All the Non-Government Money Programs
There are dozens of scholarship directories available including this one. Because one directory cannot possibly have everything, it is better to have a collection of scholarship directories, but this can become too expensive. So, you can go to your local library, or you can go into a local large bookstore that has a coffee shop and buy a cup of $3.00 coffee and spend an afternoon looking through all the books. You are only going to get a few scholarships out of any one book. Copy down the info and do your follow-up. This way, for the price of a cup of coffee, you have access to hundreds of dollars worth of directories. Most of these book stores have big comfy chairs to encourage you to spend time there using their books. Such a deal.

Free Research to Find More Money
This is an information clearinghouse that has free research either on the web or on the phone on any education topic. For example, you can search for information sources on topics such as scholarships or financial aid for graduate students. What do you have to lose? It’s FREE. Contact: Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) , 800-LET-ERIC (538-3742) , www.eric.ed.gov


Income Eligibility: varies program to program. Contact a program that interests you to learn specific requirements.


The Free Money Money Club provides free training videos, live assistance and more, including state grants .


Need help Finding  a government money program that meets your needs? Let Matthew Lesko show you how to use the free services inside the Government Money Club. Watch the video below to see how easy it can be to get started.


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