Get Money for Down Payments and Closing Costs Here

The following are examples of financial assistance programs offered by states, cities and counties at the time we were doing our initial research for this book. Be aware that these programs are constantly changing and all have some form of eligibility requirements, but do not let that stop you! New ones are added and old ones may be discarded.

To be sure that you are aware of all the programs available in your area, contact your state office on housing, your city housing office, your county housing office, as well as any local community development offices that may be in your area. If you need help locating your community development office, the following may be of assistance: National Association
of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, 630 Eye St., NW, Washington, DC 20001; 202-289-3500 or 877-866-2476; Fax: 202-289-8181:


Income Eligibility: Contact your local development office for income requirements

  • Houston: $3,500 to help with a down payment and closing costs in the First-
    Time Homebuyers Program.
  • Iowa: 5% of your mortgage in grant money for a down payment and closing
    costs through Down Payment/Closing Cost Grant Program.
  • Minneapolis, MN: $3,000 at 0% interest due when you sell the home.
  • Michigan: $5,000 at 0% interest and no monthly payments.
  • Baton Rouge, LA: $10,000 at 0% interest and no payments for 20 years through
    Home Buyers Assistance Program.
  • Georgia: $5,000 for a down payment at 0% interest through Own HOME
  • Hawaii: $15,000 loans at 3% for down payments, but you only pay interest for
    the first 5 years in the Down Payment Loan Program.
  • Kansas: You only need $500 and Kansas will assist with down payment, closing
    costs, and legal fees in First Time Homebuyers Down Payment Assistance
  • Maine: Buy a house with only $750, and finance your down payment at 0%
    through Down Home Program.
  • La Miranda, CA: 10% loan for down payment for first time homebuyers in the
    Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • Tacoma, WA: A $5,000 loan for your down payment and settlement costs in
    Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • Indianapolis, IN: Put 1% down and your closing costs go into a 2nd mortgage
    in Good Neighbor II Loan Program.
  • Los Angeles, CA: 2% forgivable loan for closing costs money, plus $35,000
    loan for repairs with no payments for 30 years or until the house is sold through
    Home WORKS! Program.
  • New York State: 0% down payment in Low Down Payment, Conventional Rate
  • Walnut Creek, CA: Get a second mortgage for half of the closing costs and
    2% of down payment with nothing due until you sell or refinance.


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